Bultaco Vintage Factory Parts Manual, Lobito MK5 125cc Model 83 (USA), MK 175cc Model 84 (USA)


This vintage original Bultaco Lobito MK5 Factory Parts Manual is a must-have for all Bultaco motorcycle enthusiasts.

It contains detailed parts information about the Lobito MK5 125cc Model 83 (USA), MK5 175cc Model 84 (USA).

Please pay attention to the engine serial numbers covered by this manual and depicted in the listing.

Year of publication (1971). The manual provides comprehensive parts catalogs for all Bultaco MK5 Lobito models, making it easy to find and order the right parts for your motorcycle.

Whether you are a professional mechanic or a hobbyist, this manual will provide you with all the necessary parts information to keep your Bultaco Lobito in top condition.

A must have for your vintage Bultaco.